Q: What is the Apex Gallery?

A: It’s just a fancy name for the collection of my favorite works.


Q: How much experience do you have painting miniatures?

A: I have been painting miniatures for over fifteen years.


Q: What kind of miniatures will you paint?

A: I will paint metal and hard plastic minis, no bronze or soft plastics.


Q: Do you paint armies?

A: Sorry, no. I don’t enjoy mass producing. Instead I treat each job as a work of art. I will however make an exception for small groups of monsters or a small band of heroes.


Q: Where will you ship?

A: Currently I only ship to the United States.


Q: Will you paint a Hero Forge miniature?

A: YES! But only the ones crafted in either “Ultra Detail Plastic” or “Gray Plastic.”


Q: How long does it take to get my mini?

A: Including shipping, estimated delivery time is 4 weeks. – Once I begin painting, it is generally one week to finish. However, prior to painting the miniature must be prepped, which takes about a week. After the job is done, the paint needs to cure for a week, as well. Add in shipping and estimates are 4 weeks.